Suscipe - 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge


Latin word meaning "Receive"

Suscipe is an apostolate focused on cultivating community, friendships, and spiritual formation for disciples.


We host an online community space for those wanting to connect and share on topics and discussions regarding prayer, discernment, etc.

Online Formation

We offer a variety of online formation opportunities including; book studies, community prayer opportunities, family nights, etc.

Retreats and Conferences

We come together through in person retreats and conferences on prayer, discernment, and mission.

Upcoming Opportunities & Events

Check out some of our upcoming opportunities and events!

Emmaus Conference - October 27-28, 2023

Join us for this one of a kind conference where we’ll tap into the mysterious and life-changing revealed love of God. You’ll be led through a day of prayer and reflection through beautiful worship and praise, guided contemplative prayer, and accompanied by a joyful community of individuals hungry for the love of God!

21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge - January 2024

The 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge is a 21 day spiritual exercise for anyone desiring to take their prayer life and their daily journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ more seriously.

Suscipe Lenten Retreat - March 22-24, 2024

Mark your calendars! Join us for our weekend of silence, prayer, and rest. Participants will hear talks, spend time in silent prayer, experiences times of worship, spiritual exercises, and guided prayer.

Benefits of Online Community

You can participate in programs anywhere! What's the benefit of joining an online community?

Benefit #1 - 24/7 Support
We're here when you need us.  Suscipe is a place where you can share and grow with others on your time and within your availability!  Stop living your faith life in a silo!  Connect and grow with others throughout the day.

Benefit #2 - Formation on Your Time!
Our primary focus is on offering opportunities "live" and in real time.  We totally understand though if something comes up or a certain date/time doesn't work.  All of our formation opportunities are recorded and made available for members to go through on their own time.

Benefit #3 - Reduce Loneliness
Some individuals do not have a lot of people around them that they can share their faith with.  Having an online community allows them to connect with others and find support in ways that might not otherwise be possible.  

Give it a Try!

We understand that some people are a bit nervous about getting involved in community.  We've built Suscipe so that there is a more focused private platform where individuals can grow in faith with one another void of distractions (3rd party ads, other social elements, etc).  We are here to support you in your faith.  Don't be afraid to get involved!

Our Purpose

We bring together individuals who have experienced the love the Jesus Christ in their life and desire to commit their entire lives to Him to grow in their interior life through prayer, community and formation opportunities so that they can grow in the confidence that they are doing the Lord’s will in their lives and living in and through His love at every moment of every day.
Suscipe - Online Community and Formation for Catholic Disciples

Ready for More?

Suscipe+ is our paid membership community for those who are wanting to take that next step in their faith. 

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